Last update ma 01 juli 2019

My github name is jakdot.

Selected packages


Python package to create and run ACT-R cognitive models.

The package supports symbolic and subsymbolic processes in ACT-R and it covers all basic cases of ACT-R modeling, including features that are not often implemented outside of the official Lisp ACT-R software.

The package should allow you to run any ACT-R model. If you need an ACT-R feature that's missing in the package, please let me know.

This package requires Python3 (3.3 or higher), numpy, simpy and pyparsing.


Python package that is built on nltk.

It creates several semantic frameworks not present in nltk.sem.

In particular:

  1. dynamic semantics of Dynamic Predicate Logic-style (this is built on Coreference and Modality, by Groenendijk, Stokhof, Veltman)
  2. inquisitive semantics
  3. dynamic inquisitive semantics

The package requires nltk.